GMA #2

Groundwater Management Area #2 consists of all or part of the following counties in South Plains of Texas:
Deaf Smith | Parmer | Castro | Swisher | Briscoe | Bailey | Lamb | Hale | Floyd |
Cochran | Hockley | Lubbock |Crosby | Yoakum | Terry | Lynn | Garza | Gaines |
Dawson | Border | Andrews | Martin | Howard



The Southern Ogallala Regional Groundwater Alliance (SORGA) was formed in April 2004 between the seven groundwater conservation districts of the southern Ogallala region. This region has been designated Groundwater Management Area (GMA) #2 by the Texas Water Development Board. The initial SORGA agreement outlines the programs, rules, and activities common among the districts. The Alliance agreement provides for the continuity and consistency of District Rules, as well as coordination and cooperation of District Programs within GMA #2. The Alliance provides a framework for joint studies and other projects benefiting a significant portion of the southern Ogallala aquifier.

Southern Ogallala Regional Groundwater Association consists of:
- Garza County Underground Fresh Water Conservation District #1
- Llano Estacado Underground Water Conservation District
- Mesa Underground Water Conservation District
- Permian Basin Underground Water Conservation District
- Sandy Land Underground Water Conservation District South Plains
- Underground Water Conservation District